Second International Exchange Event/第2回 国際交流イベント



Japan Night : Let's Speak Japanese!

(English allowed, but here's your chance to test out your Japanese!)


We’ll turn our Silicon Valley event space into a slice of Japan!


Japan Night: Let's Speak Japanese


Experience an unusual event where you’re encouraged to speak in Japanese with other participants as much as possible…

(You won’t get in trouble for speaking English, but we want you to take the opportunity to try out whatever you know!)


This event is in collaboration with One Coin English and will be held at 7 Bamboo Lounge, a great bar in San Jose’s Japantown.


Inside the lounge, we expect you to feel like you’ve been transported to a bar in Japan! You’ll still be in California, but you’ll need Japanese to mingle and make friends… Take a deep breath, grab some liquid courage if you need it, and get ready to speak Japanese with other learners and native speakers!



◆Look for the glowing wristbands, and speak Japanese to these participants! (Or English, if you must!)


◆Don’t worry if you speak virtually zero Japanese (or English!) The goal is to challenge yourself, and our staff is bilingual.


◆Please speak English to bartenders!




Saturday, May 13th 2017

4:00 – 6:00 p.m. (registration begins at 3:30 p.m.)



7 Bamboo Lounge

162 Jackson Street, San Jose, CA 95112


Parking : There is no dedicated parking lot for 7 Bamboo Lounge. Please park in the surrounding area, being sure to pay careful attention to parking signs.


[Recommended For]

-Those who want to travel to Japan but don’t have the time

-Those who are interested in international parties

-Those who want to expand their network in Silicon Valley

-Those who are eager to try out the Japanese they have learned.

-Those who would like to meet others from Japan or interested in Japan.


[What to Expect]

-Encouragement to speak in Japanese

-The joy that comes from actually communicating in a foreign language

-Learning about other people who are from Japan or who are interested in Japanese culture

-The excitement of interacting with potential new friends



1. Reserved Tickets

$12 (includes one drink - sake, beer, cocktails, etc.)

*Only for those who RSVP on the Facebook page or Meetup page, or who contact us via e-mail before the event.


2. Door Tickets

$15 (includes one drink - sake, beer, cocktails, etc.)


*Participants who arrive in cosplay, kimono, jinbei, geta, or other Japanese dress will receive $2 off! (Your Pokemon Go app doesn’t count, however!)

*All fees will be collected at the door before the event. Please bring correct change.


[To Join]

-You must be at least 21 years old to enter.

-Use the form below to RSVP!

-Let us know you’re attending via the Facebook page or Meetup page


Facebook Event Page

Meetup Event Page



*Guests are encouraged to mingle and network, but absolutely no promotional activities (advertising, religious recruitment, etc.) are allowed at the event site.

*Participants are understood to have agreed to the disclaimer in the comments. One Coin English and 7 Bamboo Lounge accept no responsibility for damages/loss.



One Coin English – Silicon Valley

(669) 236-9976

Feel free to contact us in English or Japanese






サンノゼジャパンタウンにあるクールなラウンジバー、7 Bamboo Loungeとワンコイン英会話の共同主催イベント! 























7 Bamboo Lounge

住所:162 Jackson St, San Jose, CA 95112


駐車場: 7 bamboo Lounge専用の駐車場はありません。周辺の交通ルールに従いご駐車頂いた上でお越しください。
















$12 ワンドリンク付き(日本酒もあります!)




$15 ワンドリンク付き(日本酒もあります!)








・Facebook、Meetupにて参加クリック or ご連絡!












電話 :669-236-9976(日英OK)


メモ: * は入力必須項目です

7 bamboo lounge

162 Jackson Street, San Jose, CA 95112